Children and Adolescents

We value the complexity of each child's or adolescent's individual needs

Children and adolescents often experience distinct behavioral and emotional symptoms that are compounded by unique environmental and educational stressors, and influenced by an ongoing developmental process. Distress in children, therefore, often looks different than in adults. Children/adolescents frequently experience anxiety or emotional distress as physical pain or discomfort, seem irritable and short-tempered, avoid activities that trigger stress, or act-out behaviorally rather than communicate their concerns verbally. These complex and dynamic factors during early development benefit from specific assessment and treatment considerations.

At Dallas Emotional Health, we value the complexity of your child’s individual needs. We work collaboratively with your child/adolescent, parent(s), and as needed with other valued care-givers (e.g., teachers, school counselors, psychiatrists, pediatricians, etc.) to provide comprehensive care to address your child’s specific concerns.

Early intervention and development of key emotional coping skills can equip your child, adolescent, or young adult to successfully manage future emotional distress, increase self-esteem, and promote healthy relationships.

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