Depression and Mood Disorders

Helping those suffering from depression and mood disorders to better understand the interconnection between thoughts, emotions and behaviors

Depression and other mood disorders can manifest without warning or known cause and also in reaction to life stressors, transitions, loss and grieving. A noticeable decline in mood can severely impact quality of life and often provoke loss of interest in activities and engagement with others previously deemed pleasurable.

Additional signs and symptoms of depression include changes to appetite, difficulty sleeping/sleeping too often and for longer duration, social withdrawal and isolation, irritability, decreased concentration, and feelings of hopelessness.

Dallas Emotional Health aims to empower those suffering from depression to better understand the interconnection between our thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Our clinicians are trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, an evidence-based practice for the treatment of depression. An integral focus of treatment will be learning strategies to cope with symptoms and continue progressing toward self-identified goals.

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