Anxiety Disorders

Empowering those suffering from anxiety to cope more effectively and achieve emotional wellness

Anxiety is marked by physiological (bodily) and emotional distress provoked by conscious or unconscious fears and/or worries. Although anxiety can manifest differently in varying disorders, it commonly results in a combination of physical sensations (nausea, rapid heart beats, difficulty breathing, trembling) and cognitive/emotional symptoms (negative and worried thoughts, poor concentration, difficulty sleeping, fears of impending doom).

There are several evidence-based treatments for anxiety, some of which include: exposure therapy, cognitive re-structuring, and mindfulness practice. These approaches, combined with dynamic psychotherapeutic work, empower those suffering from anxiety to face fears and worries directly, learn to cope more effectively, and achieve emotional wellness.

Dallas Emotional Health believes in collaboration between therapist, client, and when applicable, full treatment team. Your therapist will discuss the most appropriate intervention for specific anxiety disorders at the initial consultation appointment.

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Conquer Anxiety Workbook for Teens
A book by: Tabatha Chansard, PhD

Mindfulness for Beginners
A book by: Jon Kabat-Zinn

A Guide to Rational Living
A book by: Albert Ellis