Conquer Anxiety Workbook for Teens

Next gen anxiety-relief strategies for today’s teens

Anxiety is a difficult emotion to manage―especially with all of the stressors that come with the teenage years. From surviving awkward social situations to getting into college, it’s normal for teens to feel anxious. This book arms teens with effective tools to tackle worrying―so that anxiety doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Using the latest strategies from CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and mindfulness therapies, teens will learn how to control their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors so that they don’t trigger anxiety. With real scenarios they might face at school, home, or with friends, this book is every teenager’s secret weapon to stay cool in stressful and scary moments.

The Conquer Anxiety Workbook for Teens includes:

  • Anxiety decoded ― Understand the root causes of general and social anxiety, along with panic and phobias. Also, learn the Dos and Don’ts of coping.
  • Mind and body exercises ― Discover right-now strategies like body scanning and taking charge of your anxious alter-ego to stop anxiety attacks in their tracks.
  • Proven therapies ― Use time-tested techniques like CBT and mindfulness practices to manage anxious thoughts and feelings.

Ultimate Self-Love Workbook For Teen Girls


Set off on a journey of self-love with this workbook for girls ages 12 to 16

Adolescence can be an exciting yet confusing time for teen girls, who often wrestle with insecurities as they try to figure out who they are and how they fit into the world. This workbook helps them quiet their doubts and discover how to become their own cheerleader.

What sets this self-love workbook apart from other self-help books:

  • Self-love 101 ― Teens will explore the six pillars of self-love while learning how to handle the obstacles and challenges they may encounter along the way.
  • Engaging prompts — From taking a self-compassion quiz to writing morning mirror mantras, this book is filled with questions, affirmations, and activities that provide young women with tools to boost their confidence and self-respect.
  • Teen-friendly design — A fun and inviting layout paired with a conversational approach that never condescends makes this workbook a pleasure to page through.

Language During Mealtime

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