Parent Consultation

A collaborative process with the goal of increasing positive parenting and decreasing parental distress

Children and adolescents routinely test parental limits, express dissatisfaction with rules, and avoid tasks that interfere with play time (i.e., chores and homework). However, these normal child behaviors can often increase in severity or frequency over time, leading to family distress, chaos in the home, and unhealthy parent-child relationships. With repetition of difficult behaviors, parental patience decreases and tempers rise.

Parent consultation with a therapist provides collaborative support identifying patterns in problematic behaviors and development of targeted solutions. As the parent, you are the expert on your child’s emotional needs, behaviors, and attitudes. As such, parent consultations are a collaborative and dynamic process between you and your therapist with the goal of increasing positive parenting and decreasing parental distress.

Parent consultations can address a variety of behavioral difficulties including, tantrums/meltdowns, opposition/defiance, power struggles, poor communication, and aggressive behaviors. The goal of parent consultation is to help parents find more positive ways to respond to their child’s distress, including communicating and validating your child’s emotions, setting appropriate limits on behavior, and increasing opportunities for positive reinforcement.

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